If you have a Print Shop business the theme is the easiest solution for you! Now your customers can place the file for printing on the stuff they can order.
Now your customer can upload an image file at the time of adding the item to the shopping cart.


      To do this, you must add a unique tag for these products in the theme customization and additional information about the requirement for the file.


 After that, in the Quick View window, in the section "Single product", and on the product page will be added an in-line for adding the file and information text.





 When a customer adds a file and adds the item to the shopping cart, it will go to the shopping cart page. There, in the preview window, he will see a downloaded image on top of the product image. The downloaded image can be transformed and customized on product image, and makes it possible to see how the finished product will look.




And in the admin panel, on the order page, the added image will be available for download.




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